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Mauldin RoomThe 45th Infantry Division Museum is proud to have in its collection more than 200 of Bill Mauldinís original World War II cartoons. These significant drawings primarily date from 1944 and 1945 when Mauldin had reached the pinnacle of his wartime work.

Bill Mauldin joined the 45th Infantry Division in September of 1940 and became the cartoonist for the 45th Division News in October of the same year. Early cartoons featured an Indian named Joe, with drawings which recorded the divisionís stateside training. Mauldinís style progressed and matured during this period and he soon became recognized for his talents as a military cartoonist.Mauldin Cartoon

Overseas, Mauldinís work recorded war from a unique perspective; he drew war showing humor in the face of misery. By November of 1943 his cartoons were being carried in the Stars and Stripes and by February of 1944 he was detached from the division and assigned to the Stars and Stripes for the duration of the war. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1945 for editorial cartooning, and the army honored his work by presenting him with the Legion of Merit.